Tenterhooks or Tenderhooks? Become on tenterhooks will be filled up with painful or anxious expectation or suspense, such as for example when you’re waiting around for the consequence of a significant medical test.
Just what could this week’s subject be? Are you on tenterhooks? What on earth are tenterhooks?
First, why don’t we get the one thing right: you’re on TENTERhooks, maybe not TENDERhooks.

Where We Have The Word ‘Tenterhooks’
To determine exactly what a tenterhook is, we need to realize that way back when manufacturers kept freshly milled woolen fabric from shrinking on a wooden frame called a tenter while it dried by stretching it. It comes down through the Latin term tentus, this means “to stretch.”
The phrase ‘tenterhooks’ arises from the steel hooks that manufacturers used to stretch wool on a tenter whilst it dried.
The 1845 Encyclopaedia Metropolitana or Universal Dictionary of real information, amount 1, defines a tenter as “a quantity of straight articles fixed to your ground, with a continuous horizontal fixed train in the top as long as the little bit of fabric; there are other horizontal rails that are fitted between your upright articles … both the top of and reduced rails are driven packed with tenterhooks; on hookupdates.net/be2-review hookup site these the listings associated with fabric are fastened, after which it the low or movable train is pushed downwards to your complete breadth associated with the fabric, after which guaranteed in its spot by the pins. The pieces are left to dry. in this state”
Therefore a tenterhook is a steel hook that holds the fabric set up from the tenter, therefore the structures had been put down in areas and so the wool could dry.
The Saturday Magazine, amount 12 from 1838 defines the procedure similar to this: […]