Hispanic Family Values? U nless the life odds of kiddies raised
The“urgent dependence on healthcare providers, educators and advocates to become listed on the intimate and reproductive wellness motion so that the fundamental straight to services for young Latinas. in response towards the editorial, Carmen Barroso, regional director of International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere area, proclaimed in a letter into the editor”
Wherever these “fundamental legal rights” might originate from, Barroso’s call however appears quite superfluous, while there is no shortage of taxpayer-funded “services” for distressed Latinas—or Latinos. The schools in California’s San Joaquin Valley have care for their students’ babies, reports Peggy Schulze of Chrysalis House day. “The girls get whatever they need—welfare, health care.” Advocates for young moms that are unwed brand New York’s South Bronx are likewise agitating for lots more day-care centers in high schools here, reports El Diario/La Prensa. A bill now in Congress, the Latina Adolescent Suicide Prevention Act, is designed to channel $10 million to “culturally competent” social agencies to enhance the self-esteem of Latina girls also to provide “support solutions” with their families and buddies if they consider committing suicide.
T he fashionable “case management” concept, for which individual “cases” become the center point around which a solar system of social employees revolves, has even reached greatly Hispanic elementary and middle schools. “We have coordinator, whom produces a collaboration of agencies to cope with the problems that don’t enable students to satisfy his goals that are academic such as for example domestic violence or drugs,” describes Sylvia Rentria, director associated with Family Resource Center at Berendo center class in Los Angeles. “We can offer specific treatment.” Rentria provides the exact same system at nearby Hoover Elementary class for up to 100 pupils. […]