The problem of commissions payable to creditors and credit intermediaries by 3rd parties deserves special mention right here.

A ban on advertising payday loans has recently been introduced in the Netherlands in response to this problem

What exactly is more, into the Member States that have actually introduced reasonably strict lending that is responsible, the regulatory failure to handle reckless payday lending might be brought on by regulatory arbitrage, whereby credit providers from Member States with strict laws participate in cross-border activities in nations with weaker laws. This issue has manifested itself, as an example, when you look at the Netherlands. Footnote 22 as the presence of strict regulatory needs for the supply of credit rating doesn’t result in the Netherlands a place that is attractive the establishment of a quick payday loan company, the providers of these loans located in other user States tend to circumvent these demands by providing pay day loans in the Dutch market via online. Because of this, Dutch customers in financial hardships are lured to borrow cash quickly without getting alert to the excessive costs charged to them (Autoriteit FinanciГ«le Markten 2017). […]